people in the streets of bangkok

First impressions

I’m currently in Bangkok, Thailand for a few days and I must say the city is definitely interesting. The scenery is completely different to what you’re used to from europe.

The streets are normally crowded and some people live in tiny self build houses made out of corrugated metal and other stuff next to these mega hotels.

The smells are very unique and intense, mostly caused by these small entrepreneurs offering grilled chicken/pork skewers or even whole grilled or deep fried fish. I’ve even seen a homeless living in a telephone cell.

people in the streets of bangkok


Hasselblad rules

Inspired by a friend and the memories I have about the first analog camera my dad lend me, I had to buy this Hasselblad 500c/m from 1984. It has it’s wear and tear signs, but that only shows us it’s grandiose age.


Music for the feet

Check out this melbourne gypsy band and move your feet to the beat!

counterfeitgypsies at myspace


Great photo spot

Very nice view for sunsets.


Rise against tonight

Tonight we rise against everything that is against us at the Rise against concert @ entertainment centre in Sydney. Supported by Sick of it all and Break even. Starting at 7:30pm.