Prague, Ninjas & expensive Fragrance

Last week I spent two days in prague assisting at a photo shoot for a new Paco Rabanne advertising campaign. It was great working with New York based Photographer Greg Harris and his team. We had about 25 people on site, quite a big production. So here are a few impressions from the preparations and prelight test the day before. It was interesting to see their workflow and the way they handled the data and technical challenges we faced.  

Greg told me in order to be a successful photo assistant in New York, one must be like a ninja (true story). I believe he is referring to the 18 skills a ninja must learn, although you have to adapt them to the job, of course.

All in all it was a great experience and I had a good time. There was a behind the scene photographer as well, so I’ll update this post once I get hold of those images. If you’d like to learn more about the film studios where we shot, check out the website of Barrandov Studios. Btw. films like “Chronicals of Narnia”, “Wanted” and “Babylon A.D.” where shot here.