Bratwurst, apple juice & Paul Ripke

Hey guys, just came back from a brief visit at Paul Ripke’s Studio in Norderstedt. Today he had something like a garage sale for a Viva con Aqua project going on. So I could either do my tax declaration or drive by and have a chat with him.

A couple of minutes drive later I stepped into his studio and had a look around. Most of the stuff he was selling was already gone and the band that played there had finished already, so not much was happening anymore. But nevertheless I was there for a different reason anyway.

So I had a look at Paul’s portfolio walls and a brief chat with him. I introduced myself as a freelance photo assistant and left my business card. Unfortunately he isn’t looking for any freelancers to join his team currently, but it was interesting to talk to him anyway. He even gave me one of his books for free (many thanks again!).

I believe he’s doing a good job in marketing himself (from what I saw so far), but see for yourself: Paul Ripke’s website.