Overview Video

Moving Images (DOP)

Cooperations (Drone Operator)

In the following videos I contributed as a Drone Operator.

Cooperations (Operating Cameraman)

Workshop: CaptureOne Pro 11

I recently held a workshop about CaptureOne Pro 11 for a couple of members of the BFF in Bavaria.

It was lots of fun and also a great new experience for me.

Here are some impressions:


360° – Spheres made with drones

From now on I offer 360°-Spheres made with a drone, as well as so-called “Little Planets”.

Get in contact for a quote.


Little Planet

Brandnew Digital Operator section and updated equipment list

Just a quick one here. I’ve been busy with a lot of jobs during the last months so hadn’t had the chance to keep you posted.

I’ve recently added the Digital Operator section, so check it out. If you need any Equipment from me have a look at the updated equipment list.

There are some new gems on there, like the 15m optical! USB cable,  Eizo CG247x, CG2420 and the perfect fit for managing CaptureOne: the Tangent Element Bundle, I especially love this one.

Digital Operators Workspace

Hunter & Gatti

Just finished off working with Hunter & Gatti at the Briese Studios here in Hamburg.

It was great fun.

Looking forward to work with them again later this month.


Behind the scene

Working in Scotland

Looking forward to assist at a male fashion shoot in Scotland next week…

Should be quite cool… I’ll keep you posted.


Update – 24.03.2014:

Here you’ll find a few behind the scenes pictures I took.
Unfortunately I was to busy running around carrying gear and handling the data imports, so there are only a few. But you get an impression…


I’ve been published

So it just came to my attention that two of the photographs, which I did for FEI back in April 2012, have finally been published in the renowned “Equestrio” Magazine in France, Italy and Suisse.

Equestrio Italy (Issue #16)
Equestrio France (Issue #26)
Equestrio Suisse (Issue #36)

page 101/102 (digital)
page 98/99 (print)

http://www.equestrio.com/en/digital-edition/equestrio-editions/equestrio-suisse/equestrio-suisse-75.html (Login required)