So I’ve been currently traveling and after spending 14 hours in a plane and two hours in Dubai. I finally arrived in Singapore. A city which I haven’t expected to be so wealthy and rich in architecture.

singapore skyline

As most of the time when I travel I’ve stayed in a hostel, sharing a dorm with three other people. There is always something happening when you’re surrounded by likeminded travelers. Thats one of the main reasons I prefer one of these shared accommodation to a fancy hotel. So there was something happening literally every night. If it was just a beer with a Soccer coach (Marcus) at the restaurant next door or a big night out starting with a jam session at the Actors jam bar with this young schottish lad Craig (that jug of gin he ordered at the pool bar killed me that night).

But there are also the less touristy things that gathered my attention. The local food scene was really nice and despite the fancy (still cheap!) restaurants there were these authentic food markets, literally hundreds of stalls next to each other. I often got lost just wandering around trying to find some decent food. But the meals where good and cheap ($3 SGD for a Seafood Laksa).

Also most of the time you’ll find these food markets underneath in the basements, where they’re selling vegetables, all sorts of fishes and frogs.

One day in the evening I sat down to in a hall where all these retired elderly would sit around, chatting, laughing and having beers. Obviuosly being not part of this daily routine I’ve gathered a lot of attention from the locals. But you know what even though we could hardly understand each other, they invited me to share a few drinks with them.

There is/was more stuff happening, so stay tuned for more insights into my journey to find my photography inspiration again. Next post features: one arm vice world champion pole dancer, Mr. Bean stripping and Chasing the light with a 4×5 analog camera in Australia.