Last few days of travel – Cambodia

Still on travel

Singapore to Sydney

Before I went to Sydney from Singapore via Kuala Lumpur, I met a few more people and went up to the Skybar at level 57 in the Ku dé ta building the view from up there was amazing. I went there with two german girls I met the other day and we had a Mojito each (which was quite expensive – SGD30 per glass). While I took a few photographs of the skyline and the girls, a guy approached me asking to take a few photographs of him and the girls in exchange for a few drinks.

Beeing backpackers, the girls agreed and from this moment on we didn’t need to pay any more drinks for the rest of the night. Long story short, this guy was loaded (owning his own private falcon jet,) and just wanted to have a good time during his stay in Singapore. So for the rest of the night we just had good conversations and free drinks. His Assistent even gave me a ride back to the hostel in his porsche cayenne (while listening to The Great Escape).


After a long flight to Sydney via Kuala Lumpur, I’ve checked-in at my old hostel (YHA The Rocks) where I started my Australia trip 3,5 years ago. So I’m currently in Sydney hanging out in the town, meeting old workmates and friends and try to get photographic inspiration by all these new experiences and impressions. So far I’m having a great time, seeing lots of things, visited a few exhibitions of local photographers and artists. Went to see a burlesque show and hang out with a few people from the hostel and watched Rhinos getting covered in paint. But let me begin from the start.

Gallery Burlesque

One of the many things I loved about Sydney was and still is the huge amount of various arts and events happening all over the place. So I went to see one of my favorite shows in town: Gallery Burlesque. There I met two old mates of mine Sheena MissDemeanour and Onur. I let the photographs speak for themselves, but seeing Mr. Bean stripping was just gross and hilarious at the same time. Oh the theme of the night was “Doppelganger Dames”.


Rhinos covered in paint

The other day I was hanging out in the kitchen of the Maze Hostel, while this young girl covered in paint rushed through the room. Obviously being tired and a bit lost, I helped her finding her way to the Showers (there is a reason why they call this place “Maze”). During the walk we had a quick conversation about what happened the day and she told me about this art project she is currently working on. Later in the evening I met her and her friend Kyle at a bar, where they told me a bit more about this whole Rino thing. I’ve asked to join them the next day to see what was going on.

The next day I had to wake up early in the morning to join these guys (normally not a problem, but with a hung over…). So we met again in the kitchen and started our journey to the warehouse where the magic was happening. Check out the little documentary I created during this day.

This whole art project is an initiative from the Taronga zoo of Sydney called Taronga Wild! Rhinos and these Rhinos (up to 75 in total) will be exhibited from february till april 2014 between Sydney, Dubbo and surrounds.

More about my journey coming soon…


So I’ve been currently traveling and after spending 14 hours in a plane and two hours in Dubai. I finally arrived in Singapore. A city which I haven’t expected to be so wealthy and rich in architecture.

singapore skyline

As most of the time when I travel I’ve stayed in a hostel, sharing a dorm with three other people. There is always something happening when you’re surrounded by likeminded travelers. Thats one of the main reasons I prefer one of these shared accommodation to a fancy hotel. So there was something happening literally every night. If it was just a beer with a Soccer coach (Marcus) at the restaurant next door or a big night out starting with a jam session at the Actors jam bar with this young schottish lad Craig (that jug of gin he ordered at the pool bar killed me that night).

But there are also the less touristy things that gathered my attention. The local food scene was really nice and despite the fancy (still cheap!) restaurants there were these authentic food markets, literally hundreds of stalls next to each other. I often got lost just wandering around trying to find some decent food. But the meals where good and cheap ($3 SGD for a Seafood Laksa).

Also most of the time you’ll find these food markets underneath in the basements, where they’re selling vegetables, all sorts of fishes and frogs.

One day in the evening I sat down to in a hall where all these retired elderly would sit around, chatting, laughing and having beers. Obviuosly being not part of this daily routine I’ve gathered a lot of attention from the locals. But you know what even though we could hardly understand each other, they invited me to share a few drinks with them.

There is/was more stuff happening, so stay tuned for more insights into my journey to find my photography inspiration again. Next post features: one arm vice world champion pole dancer, Mr. Bean stripping and Chasing the light with a 4×5 analog camera in Australia.

I’ve been published

So it just came to my attention that two of the photographs, which I did for FEI back in April 2012, have finally been published in the renowned “Equestrio” Magazine in France, Italy and Suisse.

Equestrio Italy (Issue #16)
Equestrio France (Issue #26)
Equestrio Suisse (Issue #36)

page 101/102 (digital)
page 98/99 (print) (Login required)


New Tools: Background set

I’ve ordered a Background set on the weekend and today it arrived (What a quick delivery!).

In specific I’ve ordered two 2,72x11m Backgrounds, a 1,35x11m and a Background system which is strong and wide enough to handle this size of background carton.
My decision in terms of color: “Crimson”, “Leaf” and “Lupin”.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the actual size of the rolls, when the package arrived.
Yes, of course I know I’ve order them this huge, but gosh… where should I store them while not in use??

Anyway I’m looking forward to test the whole system and will upload a few frames, when I had the chance to get a Model in front of it, later this week.

If you’re interested in the system or would like to see the colors of the background make sure you check out the online store where I bought the stuff:

Background-sets at Studio Express.

What are you’re favorite colors for Portrait shots?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 – 50% off

Hey guys, I recently downloaded the trial of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 to give it a go and just found out that they are currently offering 50% on the regular price.
So if anyone is interested in buying Adobe Lightroom 3 you can get a huge discount here:

Get 50% off Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 in the Adobe Store, ends 5 February, 2012.

I haven’t really played with it yet, but from the first glance it looks pretty neat with a clean design. If you’re like me and prefer to play with a tool before buying first, download the trial on the adobe website: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3