Workshop: CaptureOne Pro 11

I recently held a workshop about CaptureOne Pro 11 for a couple of members of the BFF in Bavaria.

It was lots of fun and also a great new experience for me.

Here are some impressions:


360° – Sphären mit der Drohne

Ab sofort biete ich auch 360° Sphären aus der Luft, sowie Little Planets an.

Kontaktieren Sie mich einfach für ein Angebot.


Little Planet

Brandnew Digital Operator section and updated equipment list

Just a quick one here. I’ve been busy with a lot of jobs during the last months so hadn’t had the chance to keep you posted.

I’ve recently added the Digital Operator section, so check it out. If you need any Equipment from me have a look at the updated equipment list.

There are some new gems on there, like the 15m optical! USB cable,  Eizo CG247x, CG2420 and the perfect fit for managing CaptureOne: the Tangent Element Bundle, I especially love this one.

Digital Operators Workspace

Überblick: Verlorene Fotos wiederherstellen unter MAC

Immer wieder kommt es vor das Fotos oder ganze Motive während eines Jobs verloren gehen. Die Gründe dafür sind vielseitig.

Ein paar Beispiele:

  • Defekte Speicherkarte oder Defektes Speichermedium auf dem die Motive gespeichert werden sollen
  • Kabelbruch zwischen Kartenleser und Computer oder Wackelkontakt durch lose Kabel
  • Stromausfall während des Speicher-/Importvorgangs
  • Fehlbedienung des Fotografen, Fotoassistenten, Digital-Operators oder Artdirektors
  • Fotograf löscht die Speicherkarte in der Kamera, bevor diese Importiert wurde
  • Modelle löschen in einem unbeobachtetem Moment einzelne Aufnahmen die Ihnen nicht gefallen (soll schon mal vorgekommen sein)
  • Hektik am Set
  • Herunterfallen einer externen Festplatte
  • Flüssigkeit wird auf den Laptop oder in den Rechner gekippt

Es gibt viele weitere Szenarien, doch das Ergebnis ist immer das selbe, die Aufnahmen sind verschwunden. Weiterlesen

Hunter & Gatti

Gerade einen Job für die beiden Fotografen Hunter & Gatti in den Briese Studios hier in Hamburg abgeschlossen.

Es war ne Menge Fun dabei.

Freue mich drauf diesen Monat nochmal mit den Jungs zu arbeiten.

Behind the scene

Behind the scene

Prague, Ninjas & expensive Fragrance

Last week I spent two days in prague assisting at a photo shoot for a new Paco Rabanne advertising campaign. It was great working with New York based Photographer Greg Harris and his team. We had about 25 people on site, quite a big production. So here are a few impressions from the preparations and prelight test the day before. It was interesting to see their workflow and the way they handled the data and technical challenges we faced.  

Greg told me in order to be a successful photo assistant in New York, one must be like a ninja (true story). I believe he is referring to the 18 skills a ninja must learn, although you have to adapt them to the job, of course.

All in all it was a great experience and I had a good time. There was a behind the scene photographer as well, so I’ll update this post once I get hold of those images. If you’d like to learn more about the film studios where we shot, check out the website of Barrandov Studios. Btw. films like „Chronicals of Narnia“, „Wanted“ and „Babylon A.D.“ where shot here.


Bratwurst, apple juice & Paul Ripke

Hey guys, just came back from a brief visit at Paul Ripke’s Studio in Norderstedt. Today he had something like a garage sale for a Viva con Aqua project going on. So I could either do my tax declaration or drive by and have a chat with him.

A couple of minutes drive later I stepped into his studio and had a look around. Most of the stuff he was selling was already gone and the band that played there had finished already, so not much was happening anymore. But nevertheless I was there for a different reason anyway.

So I had a look at Paul’s portfolio walls and a brief chat with him. I introduced myself as a freelance photo assistant and left my business card. Unfortunately he isn’t looking for any freelancers to join his team currently, but it was interesting to talk to him anyway. He even gave me one of his books for free (many thanks again!).

I believe he’s doing a good job in marketing himself (from what I saw so far), but see for yourself: Paul Ripke’s website.